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Wash your car in a commercial car wash - Cut back on water use - Image courtesy of

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Commercial car wash stations not only use less water per wash (up to 100 gallons less), but they often recycle and reuse rinse water. They are setup to be quicker and more efficient than cleaning your car at home.

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This action is comparing a commercial facility that recycles their water, with washing at home using a garden hose and an attachable soap dispenser. The better method is to use a bucket and soap to wash by hand, and only use the hose to rinse off.

Category: Transportation

User Comments
 I'm raising the BS flag on this one. When I wash at home, I'm absolutely sure I use no more than 30 gallons of water. One gallon for the bucket, and rinsing when I need it. I guess I use the "Navy Shower" method of car washing.
DMMike - 4/21/2010 11:42:30 AM  

 I agree. If you are efficient with your home car washing, you can improve your water usage over a commercial facility. I think they are referring to the hose method of washing, not the better method of bucket and cloth. Similar to washing dishes. If you are paying attention, you can use less than a dishwasher. I think the studies are based upon average users, who may not be as economical as many of us.
hbomb7 - 4/21/2010 7:20:19 PM  

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Wash your car in a commercial car wash - Cut back on water use