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Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposal batteries - Trash contaminates the water supply - Image courtesy of

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Instead of buying new batteries every time, spend a little extra upfront for rechargeable batteries and a charger (typically pays for itself after the fifth recharge). It saves raw materials and avoids releasing metals into the environment and water streams when thrown away.

 UNIROSS Study on the Environmental Impact of Batteries

 5 Reasons To Use Rechargeable Batteries

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A recent study has shown that rechargeable batteries have up to 32 times less impact on the environment than disposable batteries. Only 25% of batteries are actually recycled, the other 75% being thrown away into household waste without sorting. Recycling systems are being organised, but managing batteries at the end of their lifetime continues to be a major challenge for battery manufacturers.

Main reasons to recycle your batteries:

It’s dangerous. Rechargeable batteries contain lead, lithium, and other toxics and button batteries contain mercury and lithium, all of which are a public health hazard! Computer and TV monitors with cathode ray tubes contain four to eight pounds of lead on average, and newer LCD screens contain mercury. These items should NEVER be thrown in the trash.

It can pollute the groundwater. Even alkaline batteries contain toxic heavy metals, such as zinc and manganese that can leak from landfills into the groundwater or enter the atmosphere if the batteries are incinerated.

This “trash” is actually treasure. For every million cell phones recycled, 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, and 75 pounds of gold can be recovered, and old batteries are reused to make new batteries, stainless steel products, and more.

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 A no-brainer for photographers.
DMMike - 4/21/2010 11:34:31 AM  

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Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposal batteries - Trash contaminates the water supply