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Use the other side of papers before recycling - Cut down fewer trees (plant a tree) - Image courtesy of

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Recycling paper is great, but before you recycle it, get one more use out of it. Turn it over and print on that side, take notes, make a grocery list, shred it for packing material, make art projects, etc.

 Ways to Recycle or Reuse Paper

 22 Ways to Reuse Paper

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Junk mail and envelope inserts also make great uses for making lists and taking notes.

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User Comments
 My work still uses cover sheets to separate print jobs. I gather up those sheets, along with other one-sided papers I get (at work, junk mail, etc), and cut the sheets in half, then 3-hole punch them, and use the non-printed side as a small notebook (8.5" x 5.5"). I have plenty of paper, and I'll never have to buy another notebook for work. I can send more details, if someone is interested.
hbomb7 - 3/12/2013 5:59:07 PM  

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Use the other side of papers before recycling - Cut down fewer trees (plant a tree)