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Think before you print! Do you really need a hard copy? If you really do need to print, can you use a scratch piece of paper, or the back side of another sheet (especially if you're using it for your own purposes)? You should also buy or only use printers that print double-sided by default, to cut your paper usage as much as 50%. Using your "Print Preview" feature prevents you from accidently printing many more pages than you thought. You can also use printing software that allows you to optimize the amount of ink, and number of pages used. You can also reduce the default margins on your documents, to put more content on each page, thus reducing the total number of pages printed.

 Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ): Reducing Office Paper Waste

 Big Ideas for a Small Planet

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If every American set their margins to 3/4", we would save 3 million tons of paper a year! You can also save ink and money by printing in black and white (instead of color).

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