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A study recently showed that 17% of printing was considered waste, pages the user didn’t want, due to improper setup of the pages or the printer, or accidently printing all pages, when only a few were needed. Other waste comes from printing advertisements off websites, or printing documents that are not optimized for printing. Use the print preview feature before printing documents, or download the GreenPrint software, to help catch these types of mistakes

 How to Reduce Printing Costs by 17%

 GreenPrint Software

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It is estimated that the average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year (1 tree). This volume of paper has an obvious environmental impact, and is a considerable expenditure for a company of any size. According to a Citigroup-Environmental Defense study, the actual cost of printing is 13 to 31 times the purchase price of the paper used, or somewhere between $.06 and $.13 per page. At the low end of that range, the average employee’s printing costs the company $600 per year and at the high end $1,300. A substantial portion of this cost goes to pages employees never even intended to print.

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Preview your work before you print - Cut down fewer trees (plant a tree)