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Opt-out of getting a phone book - Cut down fewer trees (plant a tree) - Image courtesy of

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When is the last time you used a phone book to look up information? Not only is it bulky and wasteful to compile, organize, manufacture, and transport, but it's usually outdated and hard to navigate (I never guess the correct category to look up). With the internet, we can quickly look up any business or government office, and probably get our question answered on their website. We can also search by person, or keyword, to help us find something we might have overlooked. This has made the phone book completely obsolete, but there doesn't appear to be any effort to stop or opt-out of receiving one each year. Use the link below to opt-out of distribution.

 Yellow Pages Goes Green - Phone Book Opt-out program

 Yellow Pages Opt Out

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Want more info... asks the question “Why do we get three to four pounds of paper dropped on out front door four to six times per year by various telephone directory companies and we are supposed to dispose of them?” will contact the local telephone company and provide them with your name and address and tell them to stop the nonsense. This does not cost you anything. Please go to the sign up sheet and help eliminate this problem.

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