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Maintain your 'green' habits when staying away from home - Use less electricity - Image courtesy of

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When you stay at a hotel (or a friend's house), it is easy to forget all the green habits you use at home, since the costs are not paid by you anymore. Yes, you pay a lot for your hotel stay, and you are entitled to use as much water and electricity as you want, but it's still impacting the environment, whether you, or the hotel, pays for it (and you actually do indirectly, if you think about it over the long term). There is nothing different about a hotel than at home (reuse towels, turn off lights, turn down or turn off A/C when not in use, etc), just remind yourself to continue to act green, no matter where you are, and no matter who is paying for it

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Maintain your 'green' habits when staying away from home - Use less electricity