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Paper or Plastic? Neither! - Use less electricity - Image courtesy of

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By bringing cloth, hemp, cotton, nylon, organic canvas or any other type of reuseable bags to the grocery store, you can do your part. This effort will eliminate the need for the stores to order more bags, which decreases the number of bags produced from crude oil and fossil fuels. Often times, these bags end up in the landfills and in the oceans.

If you do have plastic bags in your home, reuse them as garbage bags, or take them back to where you got them. Many stores have bins available for recycling all plastic bags. If you happen to forget your bags, choosing paper bags aren't much better, since it requires 17 trees to make one ton of bags, and they often times only get used once.  [9]

Source: [9] Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills To Stop Climate Change [Live Earth]

 Dept of Natural Resources: Information of Plastic Shopping Bags

 Paper vs. Plastic - The Shopping Bag Debate

 Paper or Plastic? How they are made

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Some stores (mainly European) have started to charge customers for each plastic bag used, and that has shown a dramatic reduction in plastic bags used.

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