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Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger - $199.99
At last, a compact, fold up, solar panel kit that is powerful enough to charge a laptop. The Solar Gorilla has clever electronics built in, and its so...

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ReTab™ 5-Tab Divider Labels - $2.00
The 1 3/4"" x 1/2"" brown kraft laser labels easily customize your 5-Tab ReTab™ recycled tab dividers. The color and consistency of a brown paper bag,...

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GreenPrint Software - $29.00
GreenPrint's patent-pending software is a simple idea, but it solves a problem nearly everyone can relate to: The ubiquitous wasted page. This is the ...

Mr. Ellie Pooh Natural White Elephant Dung Paper - $29.99
100 sheets of Natural White Elephant Dung Paper. Each sheet is a handcrafted work of art with a felt-like feel all its own. Our fine writing poo paper...


'Turn Off' Green Post It Notes - $3.00
Simply place the post-it note on the device that is left on (after you shut it off), so the person who left it on gets the message. 3" x 3" square lim...

1-in ReBinder™ Recycled 3-ring binder - $55.84
The 1" ReBinder™ cardboard recycled 3 ring binder is made from recycled corrugated cardboard. This perfect project binder features our unique reusable...

4-in ReBinder™ Cloth Wrapped Binder (case of 4) - $99.96
The 4" ReBinder™ Wrap cloth wrapped D ring recycled binder is both durable and professional looking. Made from a solid 100 point recycled chipboard, t...

3" Rebinder Original Recycled Binders - $63.92
The 3" ReBinder™ Cardboard recycled D ring binder is made from recycled corrugated cardboard and features our unique reusable ring mechanism. Sold by ...

ReBound™ Eco Comb Binding Kit - $69.99
Combining a clear PLA sheet (not plastic) with recycled chipboard backing board, the ReBound™ eco-friendly comb binding kit is recyclable, compostable...

1" Landscape ReBinder™ Wrap - $84.95
The 1" Landscape ReBinder™ Wrap recycled cloth wrapped binder is both durable and professional looking. A cotton cloth tape binds together three piec...

ReBinder™ Back To School Kit (with free shipping) - $39.99
Green school supplies kit contains: 1- 1.5"" binder, 2- covers, 6- RePouch™ and 6- RePocket™ folders, 2 ea.- lined/graph 8x10 notebooks, 2- blank 5x8 ...

RePlay™ Brown Kraft CD Label - $2.00
Easily customize your RePlayrecycled du...

CD/DVD Sample Pack (with free shipping) - $7.00
This sample pack contains both ReSleeve™ recycled CD/DVD sleeves, one RePlay recycled CD case, and three sheets of CD labels. Free shipping in the con...

ReBadge™ Biodegradable Badge Holder (case of 125) - $39.99
The ReBadge name badge holders are an ideal alternative to the plastic name badges typically required at conferences and retreats.

This clear b...

8.5x11-in White Full Sheet Adhesive Labels - $2.00
Customize any project with a full page 8.5" x 11" 100% post consumer recycled white laser label, made from [Office]



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