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Toddy Cold Brew System - $30.76
Toddy's exclusive cold-water brewing process extracts the natural, delicious flavors of coffee, yet leaves behind undesirable bitter acids and oils, r...

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Eco Sports Bottle Pouch - $6.00

H2O on the Go Bottle - $19.95
Our stainless steel 500 ml, 17 fl oz, reusable bottle is the go-anywhere solution to the waste of bottled water. Fill up your H2O on the Go with clean...

EcoCanteen Aluminum Bottle (26 oz) - $10.39
The 26 oz EcoCanteen is made from high quality food-grade stainless steel which doesn’t require a plastic or epoxy liner. Comes with the standard poly...

Eco Steel Sports Bottle - 27 oz. - $19.99

Eco Sports Bottle - 30 oz. - $17.99
Safe, food-grade epoxy resin non-leaching, taste neutral protective inner liner independently tested and certified by world-renowned TUVRheinland of G...



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Green your own funeral in your will, while you can still make the decision - Image courtesy of
Green your own funeral in your will, while you can still make the decision
Think green in your will, so that you leave the smallest imprint when you pass away. In terms of space and cost, cremation seems to be the best options. There are now coffins made from recycled content, and reefs that are created from your remains, and sunk into the ocean. Eco-burials don't involve embalming, which uses chemicals like formaldehyde (that are absorbed by the soil and stick around for years), metal caskets, or concrete burial vaults.

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"My work still uses cover sheets to separate print jobs. I gather up those sheets, along with other one-sided papers I get (at work, junk mail, etc), and cut the sheets in half, then 3-hole punch them, and use the non-printed side as a small notebook (8.5" x 5.5"). I have plenty of paper, and I'll never have to buy another notebook for work. I can send more details, if someone is interested."
hbomb7 on 3/12/2013 about the action Use the other side of papers before recycling

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