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Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger - Store

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Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger

Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger

At last, a compact, fold up, solar panel kit that is powerful enough to charge a laptop. The Solar Gorilla has clever electronics built in, and its solar panels produce a staggering 10 Watts in direct sunlight, which is enough to run almost any portable electronic device including a laptop, notebook, mobile phone, sat nav, iPod, and more. Incredibly tough and water resistant the Solar Gorilla is ideal for travelling or working away from home, in a field, cafe, beach or mountain. Anywhere you want to go in fact.

Simply plug in your device, open the 2 panels and expose to direct sunlight to put your Solar Gorilla to work. Superb power and reliable performance, in a tough casing thatís ready to travel. Makes a great gift.

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Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger - Store