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Belkin Conserve Insight Energy-Use Monitor - Store

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Belkin Conserve Insight Energy-Use Monitor

Belkin Conserve Insight Energy-Use Monitor

The Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Cost Monitor helps you measure the true impact of your energy use on your utility bill - and the environment. Find out how much energy your devices really use--including watts, the cost of operation, and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions--with the Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Cost Monitor. At a glance you can see exactly how much electricity is used by devices like computers, televisions, kitchen appliances and more. The monitor also shows the carbon dioxide emissions produced as a byproduct of your electricity usage. With this monitor, you get a clear idea of the true impact to your wallet--and the environment.

At a Glance:

Simply connect to a standard outlet and then plug a device in to the unit.

Be Smart About Energy with the Cost Tracking Feature - The Conserve Insight Energy Cost Monitor makes it easy to be smart about energy. With the help of this handy device, you can see how much your devices cost to use on a yearly or monthly basis so you can make better energy decisions. Additionally, because the Conserve Insight also shows power plant carbon dioxide emissions produced to use various devices on a yearly or monthly basis, you'll discover your true environmental impact. The convenient tracking feature tracks your usage of a device over time and projects how much that device costs you to operate based on your actual usage.

Monitor is Customizable, Easy-to-Read - The Conserve Insight is both customizable and easy to read. A six-foot cord allows you to read the display at eye-level or place it on a table. And for added convenience, you can choose to use either the preloaded U.S. average electricity rate or enter your own rate off your electric bill. You can also set the carbon dioxide emissions rate for your specific region.

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Belkin Conserve Insight Energy-Use Monitor - Store