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RainWizard 50 - Store

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RainWizard 50

RainWizard 50

Water is scarce during the summer months in many areas of the world, with 40% of water use intended for household use is spent keeping your plants, gardens, and lawns fresh and green. Why not save your precious resources and keep your water bills low by using a flat back Rain Wizard Oak Rain Barrel - 50 Gallons to redirect the water that flows through your downspout on your gutter system during each rain event. The Rain Wizard holds up to 50 Gallons of pure rainwater that will give you lush and green plants throughout the dry season without adding extra costs to your water bill. Your plants will enjoy the fresh water supply with nature's nutritiously balanced water.With the Rain Wizard, you have quality, molded polyethylene construction that carries an 8 year UV package that will help keep your rain barrel looking like new for many years to come and helps it be resistant to mildew, mold, rotting, and rust.

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RainWizard 50 - Store