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Rain Barrel, 60 Gallon Capacity (Green) - Store

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Rain Barrel, 60 Gallon Capacity (Green)

Rain Barrel, 60 Gallon Capacity (Green)

Living green brings big economical savings. And starting is simple with the eco-green 60 gallon Smart rain barrel. This durable, weather-resistant rain barrel made of 500D PVC Tarpaulin fabric collects up to 60 gallons of rain runoff using the supplied downspout diverter value and built in filter screen so you have a totally natural, totally free source of water to tend your yard and garden. Simply attach your garden hose to the discharge tap at the bottom of the barrel and water away. A zinc-aluminum alloy zippered opening keeps the top of the barrel firmly in place and ensures long lasting strength and performance. Flaps on the bottom of barrel allow it to be staked (stakes included) for maximum stability. The barrel itself conserves space, as well - when you want to store it during the winter, just collapse it, for easy moving and storage.

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