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Worm Farm/Pet Poop Composter - Store

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Worm Farm/Pet Poop Composter

Worm Farm/Pet Poop Composter

The Tumbleweed worm Farm/Pet Poo Converter consists of a sturdy top box with a lid, which form a neat, compact portable unit. A single bottom tray with legs collects the liquid and allows you to catch the nutrients rich liquids. The worms eat and breed in the top box. This has a perforated base to allow any liquid waste to drain through to the bottom (collector) box. The "worm poo" or worm castings remain in the top box and can be harvested as desired. The bottom or catcher box collects the valuable liquid waste which can be diluted and used as a fertilizer on your garden.The "worm poo" or worm castings remain in the top box and can be harvested as desired. The bottom or catcher box collects the valuable liquid waste which can be diluted and used as a fertilizer on your ornamental plants.There is no difficulty in getting the worms to eat dog droppings. Commercial worm farmers rear their worms on manure. However it is not possible to mix diets. They must be fed exclusively on pet poo. If you want to recycle vegetable scraps you must set up a separate farm. This is because animal waste contains pathogens that can grow in food waste faster than the worms can handle.Animal waste often contains bacteria such as salmonella, e-coli, giardia, and Campylobacter upsaliensis, as well as parasites such as Toxoplasma gondii, hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. When handling animal waste, you should be very careful to avoid exposure to these pathogens. It's important to use a scoop for handling pet waste, wash your hands thoroughly, and (this part is easy) avoid breathing around the pet waste.Worms feed on the pathogens in the soil. As they burrow their way through the compost, their stomach strains out the bacteria and parasites for them to eat. In their wake, worms leave behind an increased volume of beneficial bacteria - the same bacteria that digest pathogens and help free up nutrients in the soil.# Specifications: Constructed of UV treated High Impact Polypropylene Hardened Plastic# Dimensions: Length 23" x Width 15" x Height 10"# Weight 10 poundsThe Pet Waster Composter is designed to minimize odors, but it works even better with a base of Coco Fiber. A high carbon material will neutralize smells, promote aeration, and act as a buffer to fruit flies and other pests. You can also use other high carbon material, such as sawdust, shredded newspaper, corn cobs, or ground cardboard.What can I put in the Pet Poop Composter?A common question with vermicomposter bins is what kinds of pet waste they can handle. These are primarily designed for dog droppings, but they can also handle ferret and cat droppings if the waste is not mixed with gravel. Kitty litter is not compostable and should not be put in the bin because it can kill the worms. Other animal waste that can be composted includes droppings from rabbits, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, chinchillas, and a few other pets. Animal waste from pure herbivores doesn't require a pet waste composter though - this waste is pathogen free and can be placed in compost piles or compost bins. If you have a pet pig or pet bird, please do not compost their waste in the pet waste composter or in a compost bin. Pig waste and bird droppings contain many pathogens that can harm humans, and should be disposed of just like human waste.

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Worm Farm/Pet Poop Composter - Store