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Tumbleweed Tumbler Composter (Black) - Store

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Tumbleweed Tumbler Composter (Black)

Tumbleweed Tumbler Composter (Black)

The vertical tumbling action of the Tumbleweed Tumbler creates an aerobic environment that offers a quick and odorless form of off-the-ground composting. Patented design features a stainless steel rod that runs through the center, helping to break up and aerate compost with every tumble. A daily spin will produce 7-8 cubic feet in a few short months. The unit has two animal resistant twist-lock vented lids at either end, which allow for easy filling and emptying of the bin. Constructed of durable, UV protected polypropylene plastic. Keep contents moist, but not soggy. The rugged construction can withstand harsh climates. This composter works up to 4x faster than traditional methods. Metal stand and complete instructions on how to make compost included. 60 gallon compost bin. 46"H x 26"W and 34"D. 22 lbs. Recommended by the National Home Gardening Club

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Tumbleweed Tumbler Composter (Black) - Store