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B is for Barack Organic Onesie - Store

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B is for Barack Organic Onesie

B is for Barack Organic Onesie

B is for Barack! Our special onesie has been created for hope, dreams and a better future for all!Not intended for sleepwear.The tee shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and are made in sweatshop free environments in the USA. They are the softest shirts we have found.The embroidered patches are also made with USA grown and produced 100% organic cotton. The thread used for the embroidery design is the only non organic item. It is polyester right now until I can find some strong organic thread for embroidery. We are always looking at alternatives.Whenever possible the items are sewn on with organic cotton thread, and there are some items that are 100% organic without embroidery, just applique work.

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B is for Barack Organic Onesie - Store