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EZ Hatch Attic Access Door - Store

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EZ Hatch Attic Access Door

EZ Hatch Attic Access Door

INSTALLS IN MINUTES INTO A 22-1/2" x 30-1/2" ROUGH OPENING!!The EZ Hatch Attic Access Door Panel Hatch System is an easy to install, easy to use, highly insulated door, panel, hatch system that installs in minutes and provides an air sealed, professional, high-quality, insulated access opening into the attic space.Triple gaskets provide an air tight seal!The core of the door is 10" thick and made of Expanded Polystyrene foam that provides a greater R-Value per inch than fiberglass.The face of the door is gloss white, durable, and easy to clean.The top gasket of closed cell insulation seals the top of the door. The gasket is fire rated per ASTM E84 for flame spread (FSI) 25 or less, smoke developed (SDI) 50 or less, (required by Code for exposed insulation) and meets code requirements.The lightweight door weighs 10 pounds, and lifts up and out of the way for easy attic access.No hinges - The door is designed to prevent interference with the roof joists.Triple pre-installed weatherstrip gaskets ensure an air tight seal. Gasketing provided where the trim meets the ceiling, where the face of the door meets the trim, and where the top of the door meets the frame.The lightweight door opens with little effort, allowing easy entry into your attic space. The finished face on the door fits tightly into the weatherstrip on the trim when the door closes.Perfect for use with any type of attic insulation, including blown-in insulation. The 12 in. tall wood frame acts as an insulation dam, which holds the insulation back from the opening, and takes the mess out of getting into your attic space.Sized to fit either between roof trusses 24" on-center, or between ceiling joists 16" o.c. with minimal carpentry required (cut one joist and add a header and footer).Whether in new construction or retrofit, the unit can be installed in minutes with only a utility knife and a screwdriver.Prefinished gloss white trim and door standard.

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EZ Hatch Attic Access Door - Store