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Attic Stair Cover

Attic Stair Cover

The Attic Stair Cover works like a storm window for your folding attic stairway opening!The gap around your attic stairway is like an open window. In the cold winter your heat flows right out and cold air flows right in; and in the summer your air-conditioning flows right out and the heat flows right in!The Attic Stair Cover covers and seals the stairway opening, in effect sealing off this area and blocking the transfer of air and moisture. It also helps to prevent the entry of noise, attic dust, pollutants, insulation, insects, and rodents into the living area from the attic through the drop-down attic stairway door - all while still being easily removed for rapid access to the attic.The Attic Stair Cover is installed over thick, soft weatherstripping that is attached to the attic stairway frame (not the structural framing of the building or the attic floor). The Attic Stair Cover sinks into the weatherstripping and embeds itself into it, effectively limiting air leakage between the conditioned house and the unconditioned attic.The Attic Stair Cover rests on thick weatherstripping applied to the attic stairway frame - not the structural framing of the house or the attic floor! The Attic Stair Cover installs in minutes and no modifications to your attic floor are needed!Other inferior products that rest on the attic floor (which may or may not exist) can require extensive renovations to work - these hidden installation costs can cost you hundreds of $$$!Some other inferior products fail to provide a seal that resists air leakage. Insulation alone cannot reduce air leakage - you must reduce the air transfer between the conditioned and the unconditoned areas. Building and Energy Codes require this!And still other inferior products with magnets and zippers are complicated affairs that are difficult to open and close making it a hassle to enter your attic! Not the case with the Attic Stair Cover!AVAILABLE KITS:Note: All kits include durable stair cover and weatherstripping. All kits easily install in minutes with no tools. Level 1 - Includes stair cover and weatherstrip (no insulation)Durable energy sealing cover and weatherstripping - our Level 1 kit seals your attic stairs stopping drafts and energy loss.Level 2 - Includes stair cover and reflective shield (same as Level 1Kit without fiberglass)Reflective Aluminum Shield slips over stair cover and seals insulation. It also provides a reflective surface that saves energy and reflects away heat. The Reflective Aluminum Shield blocks up to 97% of radiant heat!Level 3 - Includes stair cover, reflective shield, and our R-50 "Ultimate" insulation kit Maximize the benefits by insulating your stair cover! Includes everything you need to quickly and easily seal and insulate your stairs. This is our most popular kit. Highest insulation of ANY kit available Fastest and easiest installation - NO TOOLS! Add insulation on the sides, or leave off for clearance between trusses. We are The best preferred by Contractors.

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Attic Stair Cover - Store