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Soji Solar Lantern (3 Pack) - Store

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Soji Solar Lantern (3 Pack)

Soji Solar Lantern (3 Pack)

Soji solar powered lanterns glow in a jiff without the hassle of electrical cords. Elegant festival lanterns accordion open, collect sunlight all day and turn themselves on to cast a beautiful glow by night. Constructed of heavy duty nylon for outdoor use and available in 8 fantastic colors: White with Amber LED, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Puple and White with White LED.Each Soji Lantern is equipped with two high powered white colored LED's. Also included are a stainless steel hanging handle, one AAA rechargeable battery, photo light sensor and on/off power switch.For optimum glow, allow the Soji lantern to charge at least one full day in direct sunlight prior to use.

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Soji Solar Lantern (3 Pack) - Store