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Multi-Color C9 Holiday Lights - 25 LED Strand - Store

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Multi-Color C9 Holiday Lights - 25 LED Strand

Multi-Color C9 Holiday Lights - 25 LED Strand

These Holiday Lights, using a state of the art technology along with a patented plug-in concept, are a line of brilliant, unbreakable, and cool to the touch LED lights. These lights are durable to 200,000 hours and use up to 98% less energy of traditional light strings. In addition, the color obtained by the use of LED light strings is more vivid and decorative, and influences the appearance, tone and impression of every object and space in our lives. * Cool to the touch * Uses 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs * Bulbs are rated for up to 20 years * No glass bulbs to replace or break * Water and weather resistant * End-to-end connectors

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Multi-Color C9 Holiday Lights - 25 LED Strand - Store