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Fair Trade Stuffed Animals - set of 3 - Store

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Fair Trade Stuffed Animals - set of 3

Fair Trade Stuffed Animals - set of 3

These stuffed animals will appeal to small children and even pets with their bright colors. They have no beads or other objects that might be ripped off and swallowed. Made of cotton scraps weaved together and stuffed with other recycled cloth scraps. Comes in a set of 3: turtle, alligator, and fish.Made by a group that was displaced by a tiger sanctuary. These former farming communities were relocated to arid regions outside the forest, depriving the villagers of their traditional means of generating income. Dastkarís mision in this region is to use local skills and materials to create products that would generate employment and income, without destroying the traditional structures of village life.Colors will vary.Size varies from: 4.5" x 6" to 11" x 4"Composition: cotton/recycled cloth

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Fair Trade Stuffed Animals - set of 3 - Store