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Rose Orchid Eco Friendly Gift Bags (Set of 3) - Store

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Rose Orchid Eco Friendly Gift Bags (Set of 3)

Rose Orchid Eco Friendly Gift Bags (Set of 3)

These colorful large gift bags are made of recycled cotton rags, making them 100% tree free! These gift bags come in sets of 3, each a different color and design and perfect for any occasion.The Rose Orchid Gift Bags, our newest addition, come with a bright orange bag with a parchment-colored large floral and circle design, a pink bag with a green floral design and an aqua bag with a small brown floral design.All bags have a tag attached to the handle that reads: “This paper bag is made from recycled cotton rags. Handmade with love, this is a fair trade product respecting our planet and its people.”Composition: Recycled cotton ragsSize: 10.5" x 7" × 3.5"

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Rose Orchid Eco Friendly Gift Bags (Set of 3) - Store