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TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver - Store

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TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver

TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver

The TrickleStarô PC TrickleSaverô is a simple and affordable way to reduce energy consumption. Your PC's peripherals (printer, monitor, etc.) continue to draw electricity even when turned off. The TrickleSaver allows you to reduce standby energy (also known as vampire energy or phantom energy loss) consumed by these items. Just connect it to your PC with a standard USB connector. The TrickleSaver will detect the power status of your PC, and cut power to your peripherals when your PC is powered off. When you turn your PC back on, the TrickleSaver will switch all your peripherals on as well.Installation is super-simple. It's perfect for home and work! And the TrickleSaver can be connected directly to your peripheral equipment or to a powerstrip to which many peripherals are connected.

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