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LeBra Tonneau Fliplock Top Mount Bed Cover - Store

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LeBra Tonneau Fliplock Top Mount Bed Cover

LeBra Tonneau Fliplock Top Mount Bed Cover

Lebra Tonneau Systems protect cargo or truck beds from rain, sleet, and snow. Increases security and adds a sleek, aerodynamic appearance to your truck. Patented design allows for easy tailgate access without needing to remove the tonneau cover. Because wind resistance is reduced with Lebra Tonneaus, gas mileage improves and wind noise is decreased. Customized fit is available for nearly all popular domestic and imported pickup trucks. User friendly illustrated instructions make installation easy, most taking less than thirty minutes. The frame is padded for no metal to metal contact. No drilling is required for installation. Strong, flexible bows enhance water runoff and the durable leather grain vinyl cover contours to the shape of the truck bed. Lebra Tonneaus do not void vehicle warranties. Limited lifetime warranty is offered on the rails, bows and clamps. A one year warranty covers the tonneau cover.

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LeBra Tonneau Fliplock Top Mount Bed Cover - Store