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One2flush 200 Dual Flush Retrofit Kit - Store

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One2flush 200 Dual Flush Retrofit Kit

One2flush 200 Dual Flush Retrofit Kit

Reduce your water bills by 10 percent, and reduce water usage in your toilet up to 80%! Homeowners and communities start saving water and money immediately! Switching to a One2flush dual flush toilet will save homeowners more than 10,000 gallons of fresh water a year. Depending on water district rates, a dual flush toilet can begin paying for itself with the first flush. Push the handle one way to rinse liquids, push it the other for a full tank flush of solids. The concept is simple and has been used in Europe and in commercial applications for years. Now, instead of replacing the entire toilet, simply install a dual flush retrofit flush valve and begin saving water and money. Rather than use the entire tank to flush liquid waste the One2flush flush valve uses just enough water to rinse the bowl of liquid waste. The water savings add up with every flush. With One2flush dual flush toilets communities pump less water to the home, process significantly less wastewater, and by not disposing of old, non-degradable toilets decrease landfill usage. One of the simplest water conservation tools available.

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