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Ceramic Compost Crock - Store

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Ceramic Compost Crock

Ceramic Compost Crock

Clean and simple in appearance, the White Ceramic Compost Crock can sit right on your countertop while you fill it with fruit and vegetable scraps and other food trimmings. Having this pail so easily in reach makes natural recycling a hassle-free effort. Simply toss in your coffee grinds, fruit and veggie peels, and more, and when you're ready, just empty the crock into your larger compost pail or pile. This crock holds several days' worth of food trimmings. To keep odors locked in while the compost crock sits in your kitchen, dual charcoal filters fit neatly inside the lid and last from two to six months, depending on use. The snug fitting lid keeps odors from escaping, and the large handle makes it easy to carry this pail from one spot to another. It's dishwasher safe so cleaning is easy. A replacement set of charcoal filters is also included. Please note this product does not ship to Pennsylvania. 1-gallon capacity white ceramic pail. Holds several days worth of kitchen scraps. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Included charcoal filters last up to 6 months. Measures 7 diam. x 11H inches.

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