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Home Energy PowerCost Monitor

Home Energy PowerCost Monitor

As unobtrusive as a small electric clock, the PowerCost Monitor is a powerful real-time direct feedback display device that measures home electricity usage. It tells at a glance, in real-time, how much electricity your home is using in dollars and cents and in kW. Domestic energy usage studies have demonstrated that real-time feedback yields energy savings anywhere between 10 and 20 percent. The savings at the high end of this range are realized when a tabletop energy display device, such as the PowerCost Monitor, is used. The PowerCost Monitor technology consists of two discrete functional units: A detection unit, known as the sensor unit, is affixed to an existing household utility meter with a simple ring clamp. The sensor unit is compatible with standard North American digital and electromechanical meter types. This is the only component of the PowerCost Monitor that will be in direct physical contact with the utility's meter. The clamp mechanism allows it to be attached to the outside of the meter glass It can also be quickly attached and detached without making any changes to the existing meter. The display unit, located inside the home, receives a wireless signal from the transmitter and displays the consumption information in real time and in dollars and cents. Other information is also displayed such as time and outside temperature. Considerations before you order: The PowerCost Monitor uses a wireless signal (433 MHz) to read the information on your utility meter. This means that your utility meter must be located next to your home or within 30 meters (100 ft) of your home. The PowerCost Monitor can be easily used in a single detached dwelling, a duplex dwelling, or a row or town house. The PowerCost Monitor will not work with net metering applications such as wind and solar power, or on a business meter that uses demand pricing.

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Home Energy PowerCost Monitor - Store